Santa Barbara Film Festival – Sports Films

Year in and year out, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival does a good job of including a diverse lineup of sports films, many of which come … [Read more...]

New movie ’42’ heightens awareness on Jackie Robinson Day

If you?re tuning into an MLB game today and aren?t terribly familiar with baseball and its customs, ?then you might be asking yourself,??Why are they … [Read more...]

‘Hana Surf Girls’ benefits UCSB surf team

A small but hardcore crowd of surf fans cheered enthusiastically as the lights dimmed at UCSB’s IV Theater Saturday night, transporting them to the … [Read more...]

Upbeat ‘Soul Surfer’ keeps it simple

As far as inspirational true-life stories go, Bethany Hamilton’s is as moving as they get. The surfer’s optimism and determination are laudable in the … [Read more...]

‘The Westsiders’ provides gritty portrayal of Santa Cruz surfers

Between all the beautiful sun and sand, it’s hard to picture there being a “dark side” to surfing, but Josh Pomer’s “The Westsiders” reveals this … [Read more...]

McCoy’s 25th film makes premiere at SBIFF

Jack McCoy’s “A Deeper Shade of Blue” is not a surf movie. It’s a movie about long boards, short boards, skimboards, Hawaiian beach boys, finless … [Read more...]

Sports Movie Review: ‘The Fighter’

“The Fighter” is the story of not just one fighter, but two: Micky “Irish” Ward and his half-brother Dicky Eklund. And the proverbial “fight” … [Read more...]

127 Hours in the life of Aron Ralston

127 Hours is the captivating true story of the five days hiker Aron Ralston spent trapped beneath a boulder alone in Blue John Canyon, Utah. Aron must … [Read more...]