BSoc: Cate wins in Kane’s debut as coach

Christian Herman finished off a nice build-up during the first half, and Cate added a goal in the second half for a 2-0 win very visiting St. Bonaventure in a season-opening boys soccer match on Thursday.

Rams strung together seven passes before Herman put the ball away in the 25th minute for the first goal of the season.

St. Bonaventure controlled possession early in the second half, but Cate reclaimed the momentum and score its second goal in the 65th minute. Joel Serugo played a ball to Ryan Borchardt, who was making a hard run down the middle of the field. St. Bonaventure’s goalkeeper came out to challenge Borchardt and the ball found its way to Ben Jessup.

Jessup settled the ball and fired into the open net from 30 yards.

Cate gave Jim Kane the victory in his debut as varsity head coach.

“It was a good hard effort by the boys today,” said Kane. “We had moments where the boys were able to combine and create chances. That is what we will be looking to clean up and build on as the season progresses.”

Cate faces Pacifica at home on Tuesday at 3:15 p.m.