BBK: Seniors carry Royals to victory

San Marcos won its seventh game of the season without a loss on Tuesday, using a trio of seniors to dismantle San Luis Obispo 60-44.

The Royals’ Scott Everman, Ryan McCarthy and Tyson Miller accounted for 53 of San Marcos’ 60 points. Everman’s 22 points were a team-high to go with 10 rebounds and four assists. McCarthy scored 16 and added seven rebounds while Miller knocked down five 3-pointers for 15 points.

“Scott did a ton tonight, he scored and rebounded but also found his teammates open shots,” noted Royals head coach Landon Boucher.

San Marcos (7-0) plays next at the Carpinteria Bashore Classic, opening against Nordhoff on Friday at 3:30 p.m.

“We were happy to see the boys recover from a very poor first half with intensity on defense, only allowing SLO 17 second-half points. Our team defense continues to be our anchor,” Boucher said.