MTen: Gaucho doubles team wins SoCal Intercollegiate

LOS ANGELES, Calif.- On the final day of the 59th Annual SoCal Intercollegiate Championships, the UC Santa Barbara men’s tennis team made history as they won the doubles draw for the very first time in this prestigious tournament.

After winning four straight matches to make the final round, seniors Nathan Eshmade and Miles Seemann were set to face a duo from USC in the final round for the championship trophy. The Gauchos would emerge victorious winning in sweeping fashion.

The Trojans’ Kalman Boyd and David Laser was the third duo from USC that Eshmade and Seemann faced in this tournament. Like the other opponents, The Gauchos downed the Southern California team in straight sets of 6-3, 6-3 to take the title. The win was even more dominant than the score shows, as the Gaucho pair held break points in four of the six games they lost.

“In the past we’ve had some guys like Cory Guy and Simon Shen win the singles title in the 90’s, but never before have we had a doubles championship,” Head Coach Marty Davis explained. “Nate and Miles join a long list of very respectable professional players that have won this prestigious tournament, some of which even held the No. 1 ranking in the world.”

The Gauchos will look to keep this momentum going, as they will compete in their last pre-season tournament of the year at the Kramer Club Invitational in Los Angeles. This final competition will start November, 12th.