WSoc: Warriors score big win over No. 1 Lindsey Wilson

The eighth-ranked Westmont Women’s Soccer team (9-2-1, 4-0-1) secured a 3-0 shutout in a highly anticipated faceoff against last year’s reigning national championship winners, #1 Lindsey Wilson (9-1-2, 4-0). With this victory, the Warriors became the first team this season to defeat Lindsey Wilson.

“Being able to own the moment and have a breakthrough performance against the number one team in the nation on your home field is when it counts”, said head coach Chantel Cappuccilli. “I am very proud to say that they rose to the occasion today.”

The Warriors were quick to prove that they were equipped for the challenge when senior Kelsey Steck scored a low, bouncing header goal off of a corner kick by Angela Brown in the 10th minute.

Following this goal, Lindsey Wilson put immense pressure on the Warrior’s defensive line when they took five consecutive shots in the next 15 minutes of the game

Cappuccilli explained that everyone on the field did crucial defensive work to keep Lindsay Wilson at bay and she pointed to the performance of junior Sophie Fuller as a key factor in their overall defensive success.

“It comes to no surprise that Sophie Fuller had the type of game that she did today,” said Cappuccilli. “I continue to be amazed by the way she has developed over these past two years. I think in these big moments she reigns true and is an anchor that is consistent within our back line. It is wonderful to see her take on that role and really own it.”

Fuller pulled the rug out of countless Lindsay Wilson goal scoring opportunities. Whenever an offensive drive seemed to gain momentum, Fuller crushed it by arriving just in time to clear, or step to, the ball.

The second goal came in the seventh minute of the second half off of yet another corner kick taken by Senior Angela Brown. This time, it was sophomore Alanna Richards that capitalized on the set piece with a low and driven header goal.

“I am very proud that we were able to score off of set pieces,” expressed Cappuccilli. “With an opponent that is the caliber of Lindsey Wilson, you have to be able to finish your set pieces. They make a huge difference in games like today and I am very happy that we took advantage of them.”

For the next 25 minutes of the game, Lindsey Wilson sought a way back into the game, while the Warriors sought to both hold them off and add to their 2-0 lead.

Freshman Hailey Parker gave the Warriors a more reassuring lead when she scored in the 80th minute.

The goal began when Steck dropped the ball to sophomore Jackie Lopez at the top of the 18 yard line. Lopez made a one-touch pass to Parker at the top of the six yard line. Parker took a settling touch and slotted the ball into the left side of the goal.

Cappuccilli reflected on the outcome of the game and said, “Today we were able to finish well and get the shutout, which is huge for our confidence moving forward. I am very proud of how the women played today. Their collectiveness and ability to fight through a difficult game was very impressive and I am proud to be their coach.”

Moving forward in conference play, the Warriors will host the #15 Vanguard Lions (9-5-0, 3-2-0) this Saturday at 2:30 p.m. on Thorrington Field.