Ten: Chargers’ doubles steps up in 11-7 win over Ventura

The Dos Pueblos girls tennis team secured eight of its nine set wins in the doubles department, and that proved to be the difference as the Chargers came out on top of an 11-7 decision against Ventura on Tuesday in a Channel League matchup.

Saylor Yoos paired up with Hannah Kleidermacher to sweep all three of their doubles sets while Rose Hillebrandt did the same, partnering up with Nandini Braganza in her first two and Heather Cano in her third. The duo of Jennie Rezek and Emily Turvey faltered only one set on the day.

Katie Yang led the way in singles, prevailing in two of her three matches on the day while KC Egger contributed a set win.

The Chargers look to maintain their momentum in a matchup later this week.