XC: DP’s Rice triumphs as Cougar teams dominate

Dos Pueblos' Christina Rice, second to right, stayed behind the leaders at the start. (Presidio Sports Photos)

Dos Pueblos’ Christina Rice, second to right, stayed behind the leaders at the start. (Presidio Sports Photos)

Ventura’s Garrett Reynolds and Dos Pueblos’ Christina Rice were several steps ahead of the competition on Wednesday at the first Channel League cross-country meet of the season.

While Reynolds and Rice won their respective races by wide margins, Reynolds set the pace and took complete control from the beginning while Rice trailed a handfull of runners before taking the lead for good in the second mile.

Reynolds won the boys race in 15 minutes and 12.01 seconds while Rice was timed at 18:12.08.

On the team front, Ventura won both varsity races. The boys team scored 27 points, well ahead of second-place Buena at 60. The girls race was closer as San Marcos scored 50 to Ventura’s 31. Dos Pueblos was third in the boys and fourth in the girls.

Reynolds, a senior who made the CIF State Meet last year as a junior, didn’t leave a doubt as to who was the fastest on Wednesday. Reynolds won by over 15 seconds.

“I definitely wanted to make sure it was an honest race,” he said. “I wasn’t really in the race just to see who had the best kick. I think I heard 4:36 for my first mile. I know that’s the fastest I’ve ever been out.”

Hunter Clark delivered a fourth-place result for the Chargers in 15:51.58.

“I feel ok about it,” Clark said. “I wanted to go out with the leaders but I didn’t want to go out like that. They just went out so fast and I went with them and I just tried to hold on.”

Rice beat out Ventura’s Sophia Ramos and San Marcos’ Erica Schroeder, the reigning Santa Barbara County champion and CIF State Champion in the 800 meters.

“It feels really good because for awhile, I think I was like, ‘oh I don’t know if I can run with these runners at the top,’ and it’s nice knowing that I can run with them and sometimes beat them,” Rice said.

She said she trusted her early pace to keep her in a position to make a move. Knowing her home course so well was another advantage.

“On the third lap I honestly didn’t know how close or how far behind everyone was, I was just really focusing on finishing strong,” Rice said.

The Dos Pueblos junior was coming off another victory in her first race of the season at the Morro Bay Invitational on Saturday.


Logan Briner was San Marcos’ leading male. Briner placed seventh overall in a time of 16:04.40. Josh McGregor, in ninth, gave the Chargers a second top-10 finish.

Santa Barbara High’s Thomas Everest and Alessandra Garza were the Dons’ top finishers. Both showed considerable improvement from their first races of the season. Garza is only a freshman and showing a lot of promise according to Dons head coach Olivia Perdices.

“She’s just not afraid to race and she learns fast,” Perdices said.

The next Channel League Meet is Wednesday, October 7 at Arroyo Verde Park in Ventura. The third league meet is Thursday, November 5 at Camino Real Park in Ventura.

Hunter Clark, right, and Josh McGregor, left, were Dos Pueblos' top two runners.

Hunter Clark, right, and Josh McGregor, left, were Dos Pueblos’ top two runners.


1. Reynolds, Garrett Ventura High School 15:12.01
2. Witt, Andrew Buena High School 15:27.45
3. Randazzo, Nicholas Ventura High School 15:40.98
4. Clark, Hunter Dos Pueblos 15:51.58
5. Cruz, Adan Ventura High School 15:53.52
6. Olson, Jordan Ventura High School 16:01.88
7. Briner, Logan Royals 16:04.40
8. Otten, Logan Buena High School 16:08.35
9. McGregor, Joshua Dos Pueblos 16:09.88
10. Beattie, Brett Buena High School 16:27.11


1. Rice, Christina Dos Pueblos 18:12.08
2. Ramos, Sofia Ventura High School 18:20.07
3. Schroeder, Erica Royals 18:22.88
4. Kosche, Paige Ventura High School 18:26.16
5. Garcia, Tatiana Ventura High School 18:54.76
6. Al-Atraqchi, Lee Royals 19:03.17
7. Schmidt, Macy Ventura High School 19:17.07
8. Ellberg, Sally Buena High School 19:32.71
9. Adornetto, Mya Royals 19:33.30
10. Burns, Jalen Buena High School 19:36.62


Ventura – 27
Buena – 60
Dos Pueblos – 65
San Marcos 66
Santa Barbara 143


Ventura – 31
San Marcos – 50
Buena – 75
Dos Pueblos – 82
Santa Barbara – 142


Boys Varsity
Girls Varsity
Boys Junior Varsity
Girls Junior Varsity