GTen: Dos Pueblos shakes off Dons

KC Egger, Katie Yang and Hannah Kleidermacher led a decisive singles effort in Dos Pueblos’ 13-5 victory over Santa Barbara High on Monday. The victory was Dos Pueblos’ first over the Dons since 1982.

The singles trio accounted for seven singles wins. Katie Yang’s 6-0, 6-2, 6-1 sweep was the day’s top performance. Yang defeated Santa Barbara’s Cade Sorensen, who won two of three sets for the Dons.

Saylor Yoos and Catherine Wang didn’t lose a set at the top of the Chargers’ doubles lineup, winning three sets at 6-2, 6-2, 6-3.

Santa Barbara’s Brooke Morison and Eva Kershner turned in a winning day, only losing to Yoos and Wang. Claudia Brewer and Hannah Echt played together for the first time, winning a set 7-5.

The Dons travel to Oaks Christian on Wednesday for a non-league match and return to league play on Thursday vs. Ventura.


DP Singles: KC Egger 2-0,, Katie Yang 3-0, Hannah Kleidermacher 2-1. SB Singles: Cade Sorenson 2-1, Natasha Fleisher 0-3, Claire Stotts 0-3

DP Doubles: Saylor Yoos/Catherine Wang 3-0, Nandini Braganza/Rose Hillebrandt 1-2, Serina Applebaum/Siena Applebaum 2-0. SB Doubles: Brooke Morison/ Eva Kershner 2-1, Hope Dalton/Alexia Berton 0-3, Claudia Brewer/Hannah Echt 1-2