SWM: Channel League Girls Prelims Results

The preliminary girls heats of the Channel League Swimming Championships took place on Tuesday at Santa Barbara High.

Find complete results HERE.

The boys preliminaries will be held on Wednesday followed by the league finals on Thursday for both boys and girls.

The Channel League Diving Championships were held on Monday. San Marcos’ Carter Boden and Sophia Gaynes claimed victories for the Royals.  While Boden and the Royals secured the most points on the boys side, Dos Pueblos’ Mariah Dodero and Amanda Boschke finished after Gaynes and gave the Charger girls the most points out of the gate for the league championships.

Diving Results:


Carter Boden sm 397.06
Kenny galindo sm 335.35
Ryan Cullen sb 333.05
Giacomo buffoni sb 324.40
Kyle Davis sb 294.6
Max long sm 272.55
Levi Gilbert sb 270.05
Clayton currie v 243.85
Lucas Rivera dp 223.7
Miles van homer sm 201.1
Joe sivararaj v 200.15


Sophia gaynes sm 318.35
Mariah dodero dp 312.15
Amanda boschke dp 295.2
Savanna eggers sm 282.25
Seneca bohley dp 266.35
Nina enholm sb 264.85
Lucia dallett sb 264.50
Isabella welsh sb 251.9
Janell white vent 244.16
Kazumi fujita dp 243.7
Betsis Wilson vent 228.8
Alex hallman sm 190.85