BTen: Tri-Valley League tournament kicks off

The Tri-Valley League tournament began this week and players from Carpinteria competed in both doubles and singles.

Sammy Gutierrez defeated Patrick Walker from St. Bonaventure 8-3 in singles before falling to Malibu’s Dillon Orion.

Sam Traux paired with Jacob Ascencio won the first round but were overcame in the second by the No.2 seeded team from Thacher.

Bryan Taira and Jonathon Cleek advanced to the semi-finals after a huge victory, they will play Cate’s No. 1 seed on Thursday.

“I was very happy with how the boys played today,” said head coach Charles Bryant. “All of them played to the best of their abilities and handled winning and losing with grace.  I could not ask for more.  They all know they played well and were happy with their performances.”