BTen: Cate bounces past Carpinteria, 14-4

The Cate boys tennis team defeated Carpinteria by a score of 14-4 in a Tri-Valley matchup on Tuesday afternoon.

After the first round of play, Cate jumped out to a commanding 5-1 lead behind Kevin Ha, Jason Xiao, and Edward Cho in singles. and never looked back from that point onward. The doubles teams of Michael Nettesheim paired with Christian Herman and Brendan Lokre matched with Jacob Farner each picked up a victory for the Rams in the first round.

All twelve Cate players notched wins during the match. The doubles duo of Mason Mackall with Joseph Thomassen went 2-1 while on the day while Brendan Lokre paired with Trey Jackson went 1-1. Adesh Sahani and Brandon Sugarman moved into singles for two sets and both picked up a solid wins for the Rams.

The Warriors were led by the doubles team of Jonathan Cleek paired with Bryan Taira. The duo picked up two set wins for the Warriors. In singles play, Sammy Gutierrez fought back from a 3-0 deficit to claim a set victory. Jeremy Saito also won a set and lost in a tremendously close tiebreak.

“It is a small consolation, but I was very happy with our improvement compared to the first time we played them,” commented Carpinteria head coach Charles Bryant. “Overall, everyone put in a great fight and made their set scores much closer than the first time.”

With the victory, Cate improve its record to 9-5 overall and 6-1 league. The Rams play host to Malibu on Thursday.

On the other hand, the Warriors fall to 8-9 overall and 2-5 in league.