Westmont’s John Moore reaches 500-win milestone

Westmont men’s basketball coach John Moore reached the 500-win mark in his career Friday night as his Warriors defeated Menlo 87-69 at the Bud Presley Classic in Atherton.

In his 27 years of coaching, Moore has earned an overall record of 500-301, with 421 of those wins coming in the last 22 years at Westmont.

“When I reflect on the 500 wins, I think about the great amount of Westmont men with great character whom I have been able to coach,” reflected Moore. “I am in the midst of 22 years here (at Westmont) and I am so proud of the guys, what they are doing in their lives today, the families they have and what they are doing as husbands and fathers.”

“It is such an incredible privilege to be at Westmont, my alma mater, which is probably the greatest Christian institution in the country,” Moore added “I couldn’t do it without all the people in the athletic department. From (athletic director) Dave Odell, to the people I work with in the kinesiology department to (President) Gayle Beebe, (Provost) Mark Sargent and the great leaders of this school. I even have to go back to David Winter who was the President when I was a student. I am just really indebted to quite a few people—I wouldn’t be here without them.

“I am so appreciative of my wife and my daughters who once again had to sacrifice Thanksgiving without a dad and husband. They have been my pride and have meant so much to be in this venture as a college basketball coach. I certainly couldn’t do it without Rachel, Jacqueline and Jessica.”

All 13 players on the roster played in the milestone win. Daniel Carlin had 16 points, Cory Blau and Gerald Karczewski scored 14 apiece and Billy Keller tallied 13 points, as Westmont improved to 2-3. Blau grabbed 10 rebounds.

“All of our players saw court time tonight so that was especially meaningful. On a night where you reach 500 wins, if you can get everyone playing time, that makes it extra special.”