You can track the Sea Sprites’ channel swim relay

Santa Barbara’s Monica Jones and the Sea Sprites senior women’s open-water relay team is scheduled to begin their 19-mile journey across the Santa Barbara Channel from Anacapa Island to Oxnard at midnight on Friday, Sept. 19.

The six women on the relay team range from age 62 to 76. Jones is 73.

You can follow the Sea Sprites Relay on the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association web site
Click on the button Live Tracking on the home page.

Jones, who started ocean swimming at age 65, is swimming to raise funds to cover the cost of swim lessons at the Ortega Park pool starting next spring. Jones says $41 pays for two weeks of daily lessons for one child.

A tax-deductable contribution to the Children’s Swim Fund can be made to the Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Community Foundation (PARC) at

If paying by check, make it out to PARC Foundation and indicate the check is for Monica’s swim. The address is PARC Foundation, P.O. Box 91742, Santa Barbara, CA 93190.