GTen: San Marcos breezes by Ventura in Channel League Match

Renee Handley led the San Marcos Royals with an undefeated performance against Ventura en route to a 14-4 victory on the road.

“I am happy to see Renee getting back into form after taking off most of the off season,” said coach Fred Hartzman. “She is getting better every week”.

The Royals experienced balanced results, winning 7 of 9 sets in both singles and doubles.

The doubles team of Summer Bosse/Carley McDaniel and Olivia Sturman/Gaby Goldberg combined to win four sets for the Royals.

San Marcos improves to 5-5.

San Marcos 14, Ventura 4

San Marcos Scores:

Renee Handley 3-0
Julia Frohling 2-1
Sarah Douglas 2-1

Summer Bosse / Carley McDaniel 2-0
Summer Bosse / Oli Schultz 1-0
Kinsley Shinn / Josephine Pulver 2-1
Olivia Sturman / Gaby Goldberg 2-0
Gaby Goldberg / Catherine Dosch 0-1