GLF: Sharpe , Dos Pueblos win three-team match

Jamie Sharpe’s 39 led all golfers on Tuesday at Spanish Hills Golf Club as Dos Pueblos(208) defeated Rio Mesa (266) and Nordhoff (325).

Sharpe’s teammate Miraya Ramirez came in one stroke behind followed by Mika Henrickson and Julia Foster. Macy Broesamle scored fifth for the Chargers.

DP coach Dan Choi said the team talked strategy about playing conservative at Spanish Hills since it is a difficult course that the players weren’t familiar with.

“All our girls did a great job staying out of trouble  for the most part and keeping the ball in play,” Choi reported.


Jamie Sharpe 39
Miraya Ramirez 40
Mika Henrickson 42
Julia Forester 42
Macy Broesamle 45

Rio Mesa
Grace Stephenson 43
Kennedy Boldrin 49
Rachel Hoppe 52
Serentiy Payan 61
Erica Zaragoza 61

Bailey Osborne 57
Kayci Jakab 65
Stella Delgado 65
Lauren Abassi 68
Erin Huntsinger 70

Jamie Sharpe 39