High School Runner of the Month: Natali Torres

Providence's Natali Torres

Providence’s Natali Torres

Providence freshman Natali Torres is off to a terrific start to her high school track & field career.

The young athlete has taken to the sprinting events with an energy and hunger that has impressed her coaches.

“As a freshman I think she has exceptional room to grow and it’s going to be exciting to see where she can get from here,” said Patriots track & field coach Cole Erickson.

Torres has been competing in the varsity 100 and 200-meter races during Condor League meets.

“My favorite is the 100 but my coach says I’m better at the 200,” Torres explains.

Why is the 100-meter dash so appealing?

“I think I like it because it’s short and fast. I like the rush,” Torres said.

Torres’ athletic background includes training during the summer as a Junior Lifeguard and participating in club volleyball.

“Growing up I would just play football with the guys and run all the time,” Torres said.

It’s that athletic foundation that her coaches are looking to build on during high school. Her strength and power are key ingredients to being a quality sprinter.

“We worked a lot on explosive stuff and making sure she was getting out quickly and hard. She’s a really gifted athlete naturally, so I think she was able to take what we were doing and sort of apply it into her running,” Erickson said.

Torres said she’s enjoying getting to know herself as a track & field athlete and unlocking her potential.

“Seeing that I’m up there as a freshman is cool,” Torres said.

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SB Running CompanyThe High School Runner of the Month award recognizes local prep runners that exemplify the term “Student-Athlete” by demonstrating leadership, passion and excellence in high school athletics.  The annual campaign recognizes athletes from March through November.

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