BTen: Cate cruises in first-round match

Cate went undefeated in doubles and Kevin Ha didn’t lose a game in singles, as the Rams routed Orcutt Academy, 17-1, in the first round of the CIF Division 5 boys tennis playoffs on Wednesday.

“The Rams were back to a full-strength squad of 12, and every member of the team earned points,” said Cate coach Bob Bonning.

Jason Xiao (3-0), and Johnowen Lowe (2-1) set an efficient pace for the entire match. In doubles, Michael Revord with Christian Herman picked up three wins, Jack Hoover and Brendan Lokre earned two points and Edward Cho teamed with Andrew Smith to earn one point and then with Shuta Kobayashi to pick up two more wins. Trey Jackson paired up with Jacob Farner to earn a 6-1 win to close out the scoring on the afternoon.

Cate improves to 14-5 and returns to action on Friday.