High School Runner of the Month: Gustavo Bello

Santa Barbara High senior Gustavo Bello

Santa Barbara High senior Gustavo Bello

Being a captain for Santa Barbara High’s track & field team is a natural fit for Gustavo Bello. The outgoing senior has a way of bringing people together and has a strong commitment to his athletic craft.

In fact, running has become a key part of Bello’s every day life.

“I like pushing myself every day to new limits,” Bello said. “After a long, hard day of training, I always feel accomplished and it’s always a great feeling to have every day.”

Bello is involved with the ASB at Santa Barbara High and has been on the cross country and track & field teams since he was a freshman.

“He brings a great brand of leadership,” described head coach Olivia Perdices. “He’s got a lot of charisma and people want to follow him, and that’s been from minute one. I think he’s really matured into that role.”

But it’s his love of running that stands out.

“He showed up as a freshman and got the bug,” Perdices said. “He just loves to run. I mean, he loves to train, he loves to run, he loves to read about it, to watch video on it, to be around it. He’s just one of those kids who loves the sport.”

Bello competes in the 800 and 1600 meters during track & field.

“The mile is the perfect combination of strength and speed. I guess that’s my favorite event,” he says.

Going to Santa Barbara City College next year will allow him to continue running in his hometown.

“I’d say (Santa Barbara) is arguably the greatest place to run. You have 60-70 degree tempature almost every day,” Bello said. “You have a lot of flat land sea level and then you can go up to Gibraltar and get some hill training.”

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SB Running CompanyThe High School Runner of the Month award recognizes local prep runners that exemplify the term “Student-Athlete” by demonstrating leadership, passion and excellence in high school athletics.  The annual campaign recognizes athletes from March through November.

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