WRS: Dos Pueblos hauls in four individual league titles

Dos Pueblos’ Cameron Cox, Noah Stevens, Jonathan Coronado and Eden Martinez captured individual Channel League championships on Saturday in Ventura.

The Chargers placed in the top four of every division but one.  Dos Pueblos top finishers were: Noah Stevens (108, 1st);  Justin Moua (115, 3rd);  Junior Perez (122, 4th); Cameron Cox (128, 1st); Jeffy Uyesaka (134, 2nd); Jason Hu (140, 2nd); Eden Martinez (147, 1st); Jonathan Coronado (154, 1st); Diego Lopez (162, 3rd);  Mathew Schmidt (172, 2nd);  Patrick Konkol (197, 4th); Damian Pennington (222, 3rd);  Ivan Govea (287, 2nd).

Cameron Cox was named the MVP for the lower weight divisions and Martinez received the same honor for the upper-weight classes.

For Cox it was his second league title after he won last year at 113 pounds. For the Chargers, the team claimed one more league championship than the year before.

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