San Marcos student section worth the price of admission

The San Marcos Royals students behind The Pride

San Marcos students Parker Rozenburg, Daniela Aguirre, Ashley Carney, Jack Haley and Mathis McComb are the creative minds behind San Marcos’ student-section this year.

They don’t dribble or shoot the ball and they don’t play a lick of defense or rebound. But they rock the San Marcos High Thunderhut at every home basketball game.

They are The Pride, the San Marcos student rooting section.

Whether it’s bellowing a cheer, synchronized dancing with hundreds of bodies, flash mobs Gangnam Style or a variety of other antics, they make going to a game at the Thunderhut worth more than the price of admission.

“They are the best rooting section in CIF,” San Marcos Athletic Director Abe Jahadhmy raved. “They are original, creative, clean, and have so much fun together.”

The Pride will be rooting for their Royals on Thursday in the final rivalry game of the season between San Marcos and Santa Barbara, and student planners are at it again. Ask the Dons coaching staff, and they’ll say that the Thunderhut is one of the most difficult places to play because of the fans. [VIDEO]

The San Marcos students came up with The Pride name in 2011.

“It’s a double entendre,” Jack Haley, student body president and one of The Pride leaders, said of the name. “We’re prideful in what we do and we’re a pride of lions.”

The San Marcos mascot is a lion.

Haley said The Pride is all about providing maximum support for the Royals teams. They are a sea of red, covering nearly half of the seating on one side of the gym.

“What we really believe in is positive encouragement for our teams and doing awesome, creative, fun things that support them and show pride in our school,” he explained.

Their creative stunts have been captured on video and featured in the Los Angeles Times.

Their support, creativity and sportsmanship make Principal Ed Behrens proud.

“Whether they are wearing all red, organizing a flash mob, or coordinating a sea of red glow sticks when the lights go out, San Marcos students, with the guidance of Activities Director, Aaron Solis, are continually coming up with fun and unique ways to encourage and support the sports teams at SMHS,” Behrens said. “I can’t say enough positive things about the great enthusiasm and positive energy The Pride give to our teams and everyone around them.”

Haley, Ashley Carney, Parker Rozenburg, Daniela Aguirre and Mathis McComb are the primary leaders of the group. They’re on the floor starting the chants. Haley said they spread the message on the game plan by using social media and by going from class to class on campus.

Haley noted The Pride represent the entire school population at San Marcos.

“We’ve got people from all different backgrounds and taking all different classes, and we all come together.

“Our students at San Marcos love our school,” he added. “We’re super prideful about it. The community is so tight and that’s really reflected in The Pride.”