Wave-riding dolphins highlight Rincon Classic weekend

Rincon Classic Dolphins

A group of dolphins entered the lineup during the women’s final of the Rincon Classic in an exciting moment for the hundreds of spectators on the beach. (John Dvorak/Presidio Sports Photos)

The 2014 Rincon Classic may very well go down in history as The Year of the Dolphin.

Goofy-footer Kellen Ellison topped a star-studded final heat with Kilian Garland, Dane Reynolds and Cory Arrambide to win the Pro Division title and Demi Boelsterli won her 10th women’s championship on Sunday.

But it was a group of wave-riding dolphins that entered the lineup during the women’s final that will be the iconic memory for most. [VIDEO]

With hundreds of spectators on the beach, the pod of at least a dozen dolphins came right into the contest area to the great joy of the crowd and could be seen silhouetted inside a wave.

Surfer Abby Brown caught the wave and dropped in alongside her fellow wave riders, taking off as the dolphins swam by just beneath her.

Complete results from the contest are available HERE

Abby Brown - Rincon Classic

Abby Brown chases a pair of dolphins on a wave at the Rincon Classic on Sunday.

Kellen Ellison - Rincon Classic Pro Division champion

A competitor gets covered up at Rincon on Sunday.

Kellen Ellison - Rincon Classic

Kellen Ellison won his first Pro Division title at the Rincon Classic.

Dane Reynolds - Rincon Classic

Dane Reynolds’ signature style on display.



1. Kellen Ellison
2. Kilian Garland
3. Dane Reynolds
4. Cory Arrambide


1. Demi Boelsterli
2. Sierra Partridge
3. Nicole Deleon
4. Abby Brown
5. Lisa Wynn Luna
6. Hailey Partridge


1. Matt Maheri
2. Michael Lonson
3. Spencer Smith
4. Dennis Rizzo
5. Gabe Venturelli
6. Brandon Smith


1. Evan Trauntvein
2. Cole Robbins
3. Clint Unander
4. Brian Hewitt
5. Dave Johnson
6. Daniel Bralver


1. Bronson Wheelen
2. Vinny Leonelli
3. Curren Caples
4. Eric Ronning
5. Jason Knell
6. Jeff Knell


1. Ian O’Neill
2. Gabe Venturelli
3. Aaron Smith
4. Dan Dowden
5. Erik Smith
6. Greg Venable


1. Tony DeGroot
2. James McClintock
3. Alexis Usher
4. Steve Reichal
5. Bryan Gragg
6. Fred Hepp


1. Steve McComb
2. Dave Johnson
3. Bill Urbany
4. Jim Garland
5. Wayne Rich
6. L Paul Mann


1. Eithan Osborne
2. Josiah Amico
3. Jeff Knell
4. Adam Hogue
5. Sam Reichal
6. Ryder Alves


1. Abby Brown
2. Cassidy Urbany
3. Poppy Brittingham
4. Zoey Luna
5. Alana Moore
6. Devon Randolph


1. Jabe Sxwierkocki
2. Dimitri Poulos
3. Pitas Higgins
4. Gavin Eason
5. Shaymus O’Hearn
6. Liam Osborne