‘Local Offer’ from Carr Winery raising money for Girls Inc.

Click on Image for more DetailsGirls Incorporated of Greater Santa Barbara has an important mission in the community: prepare young girls to lead independent and fulfilling lives. Part of that development comes through athletics with a program called Sporting Chance.

Girls Inc. has recognized the value of sports in building life skills and healthy habits for the future.

To benefit the cause, Carr Winery and CentralCoastDining.com is donating 10% of the proceeds from a special “Local Offer” to the Girls Inc. centers in Goleta and Santa Barbara. The special package includes a tasting for two at their downtown tasting room and a bottle of 100% Cabernet Franc that comes from the Camp Four Vineyard planted in the far East end of the Santa Ynez Valley.

The package is valued at $50 but on sale through November 30th for only $25. To purchase, or to learn more about the offer, go HERE

The athletics experience at Girls Inc. features team competition in soccer, basketball and softball. It also includes its own Gymnastics Center and a unique starter program for girls aged 6 to 8 called “Steppingstones.”

“Girls begin to move more confidently and skillfully, get used to structured physical activity, learn about the positive connection between physical activity and health-related fitness, and accept sport as legitimate activity for girls and women,” explains Shannon Kelly, Associate Director of Development. “The movement skills that girls develop in Steppingstones may later apply to the formal movement in a variety of games, sports, dance, and fitness activities.”

In total, Girls Inc. seeks to work with youths ranging from 3 to 18 years old. Services and programs start with child-care and advance to adolecent development and career planning.