Cate comes up short against Coast Union

Coast Union’s wide receivers used their height advantage and cut down Cate, 55-34, in an eight-man non-league football game on Saturday.

“They had two big receivers and they did a good job of attacking our safeties. They found the mismatch,” Cate assistant coach Dave Soto said.

Down 41-34, the Rams had Coast Union faced with a third and 11. “They chucked it up to their 6-4 receiver for a touchdown,” Soto said. “That was definitely a backbreaker.”

Cate came back with a nice drive and scored a touchdown, but it was nullified by a blocking in the back penalty. The Rams threw an interception on the next play.

Coast Union put the game out of reach with a touchdown with 1:29 left in the game.

After Coast Union took a 34-21 lead late in the second quarter, Cate scored on a Hail Mary pass on the last play of the first half. Max Vasquez caught quarterback Michael Nettesheim’s 62-yard bomb in the end zone to pull the Rams within six at 34-28.

Nettesheim also had TD passes to Keller Mochel and Abraham Tall. Vasquez had scoring runs of 2 and 26 yards.

“The silver lining is it didn’t hurt us league, but it doesn’t taste good,” said Soto.

The Rams (5-3) play host to Thacher on Saturday for the Condor League championship.