PHOTO GALLERY: Run or Dye 5k

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Saturday’s massive turnout for the first-ever?Run or Dye?event in Santa Barbara arrived clean, ready for a highly anticipated splash of fun.

Nearly 8,000 participants left looking far more colorful, with each individual showing off a new look that would make a bag of Skittles blush.

Santa Barbara local Anthony Evans finished the untimed fun run and felt great despite being completely blue in the face.

“Just getting sprayed and dyed, that was a lot of fun,” Evans said.

Roughly half chose to mostly walk the 5k course that looped through the UCSB campus. Several “dye stations” lined the course, where volunteers would shower the runners/walkers with liberal amounts of corn-starch based color dyes.

By the time contestants reached the finish line, all were covered with various amounts and patterns of color.

“Just close your eyes and hold your breath, you never know what to expect,” Evans advised.

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