Organista, Hengels keep sprint course titles local

Matt Organista returned from a year’s absence to reclaim the sprint course title at the Santa Barbara Triathlon on Sunday as the Carpinterian edged SB local Jason Smith with a winning time of 34 minutes and 22 seconds.

Organista topped Smith by just 13 seconds after the pair started the running leg in a virtual dead heat. Both came on strong during the bike and run sections of the course.

It was the second straight year that Smith has recorded a runner-up finish on the sprint course. It’s also the second consecutive year that he has completed the long course and short course at the triathlon in the same weekend.

For Organista, the 24-year-old won the sprint course in 2011 and placed sixth on the long course in 2010. He also won the Carpinteria sprint course race in 2010.

Sixteen-year-old Walker Bell was the youngest athlete in the top 10. The swimming specialist left the ocean in first place.

Adrienne Hengels won the women’s race the day after finishing second in the long course race. Hengel’s time of 39:17 was good for 9th overall.