New Balance 1400 has the need for speed

The New Balance 1400

The New Balance 1400 is a specialized racing shoe built for speed. (Presidio Sports Photos)

The New Balance 1400 is a fun racer-type flat that has the ideal fit, weight and structure for tempo runs, 5k to half-marathon races and distance speed training. I tested this shoe out on asphalt, flat dirt trails and on the University of California Santa Barbara?s track to get a feel for its quickness and stability.

Although the shoe is much lighter and more compact than most other running shoes, I found it to be very sturdy. My feet fit very snug to the shoe making it ideal for faster tempo paces.

New-Balance-ReviewI have noticed that with most other running shoes my feet have a tendency to move and even slip inside while transitioning speeds, especially from faster to slower paces. This shoe did a really great job keeping my foot steady inside the shoe because of its snug fit and properly placed support.

The slight heel made it comfortable and stable at slower paces, while the mid-sole and light arch support kept my foot stable at medium to faster paces. This shoe had the support I needed for my longer runs, but the lightness and sturdiness needed for faster paces.

However, for someone putting on a ton of miles in training, this shoe might not be the best pick to train in daily. It has lighter support and cushioning that may not last with the accumulation of a lot of miles. I would expect a new pair of shoes would be needed more quickly as compared to other running shoes with more support, if these were used for all training purposes.

Frances Chase-Dunn

Frances Chase-Dunn

Chase-Dunn is a former NCAA track &
field athlete at UC Santa Barbara and
has coached hurdles at San Marcos
High School. Having dealt with
injuries throughout her career,
Chase-Dunn stayed busy testing out
different types of running equipment
with the goal of preventing injury and
improving performance. Chase-Dunn
loves offering advice on the
latest running products available.

This is a shoe you would want to race in, and save for speed and tempo training. It is extremely stable and provides solid contacts for light to moderate heel strikers, and is made for 5k to 10k runs. It could even be suitable for half marathons. The tread on the bottom makes it good for road and dirt running.

Although the New Balance 1400 is more of a distance racer-flat design, it is also great for sprint workouts and could even be used for hurdle workouts. For sprinters and hurdlers who try to avoid spikes but still want to feel light on their feet in workouts, this shoe provides a great alternative.

I took the shoe over a few hurdles on the grass and the UCSB track and felt it was a much better alternative to my spikes than other running shoes I?ve used in the past that have a tendency to be clunky or not eliminate movement inside the shoe.

For those interested, the New Balance 1400 is more for a narrow to mid-sized type foot. It is a really well made New Balance product that fits great with the right amount of support for speed training and race-pace distance runs.

BUY LOCAL: Santa Barbara Running Company has two local stores at 110 Anacapa Street and 129 North Fairview. The New Balance 1400, released in the spring of 2013, has a suggested retail price of $89.99.


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Santa Barbara Running Company is an authorized Nike specialty running store

Santa Barbara Running Company has stores in Santa Barbara and Goleta