Kobe Bryant addresses media in Thunderdome


Kobe Bryant spoke with the media while in Santa Barbara for his youth basketball camp on Wednesday, touching on a variety of subjects including the future prospects for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The video above, produced by LakersNation.com, covers Bryant’s appearance at his basketball camp on the campus of UC Santa Barbara. The camp runs Wednesday through Sunday.

“That’s the coolest part to me is the kids actually learning something,” Bryant says. “And feeling like coming here and leaving better players.”

As for the Lakers, Bryant said he has faith in the organization to remain at a championship level.

“I know everybody kind of knows what’s going on with the team and all the changes we’re having,” Bryant told the campers. “But one thing’s for sure is that the Lakers will always, always – will always be a contender.”

The Kobe Bryant Basketball Academy, a one-week skills camp, has become a regular event each summer in Santa Barbara. Michael Jordan’s camp, which has been hosted in Santa Barbara since the 1990s, begins in August.