Shellfish Company supports Heal the Ocean

Click on image to learn more about Heal the Ocean

Click on image to learn more about Heal the Ocean

The Santa Barbara Shellfish Company has selected Heal the Ocean to benefit from its April 2013 offer with

By spending $30 for a $60 dining experience, the locally-based non-profit dedicated to keeping our oceans clean will see some added support in their coffers.

Heal the Ocean (HTO) is Santa Barbara?s well-known citizens?s action group with the goal of finding the sources of ocean pollution, then devising the means to fix those sources. The primary focus is on wastewater infrastructure ? removing septic systems from improper areas (next to creeks or on beaches) and finding funds to help wastewater treatment plants upgrade.

HTO’s work fighting ocean pollution is an important cause for Santa Barbara water sports enthusiasts, notably surfers and ocean swimmers.

HTO?s efforts to protect the ocean have resulted in many successes, including the upgrade of the Goleta Sanitary District wastewater treatment plant to full secondary. The biggest HTO victory is the South Coast Beach Communities Septic to Sewer project. When finished the project will have removed septic systems from 7 miles of Santa Barbara?s coastline ? including Rincon.

HTO has also helped secure a grant funding spot of $3 million within Santa Barbara County?s Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) application to the State for the upgrade of the City of Santa Barbara?s recycled water treatment plant to include microfiltration.

Also under IRWMP, HTO has been actively engaged in the South Coast Recycled Water Study Workgroup, which in March 2013 produced a draft study to lay out all possible areas of recycled water production, with the goal of increasing water supplies for irrigation while conserving potable water?and keeping wastewater out of the ocean.

Learn more about the great work HTO continues to do and to learn about how you can get involved in keeping our local oceans clean HERE.

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