TEN: Singles players spark Royals over SLO

Thumanoon Jenarewong and Luca Ferrari pulled out big wins in singles to help San Marcos to 10-8 non-league over San Luis Obispo, avenging an earlier loss to the Tigers.

Jenarewong, Ferrari and Petar Jivkov combined for seven set victories in singles for the Royals (5-2). Ferrari swept his sets 6-2, 6-1, 6-0 while Petar Jivkov improve to 14-1 on the year with 6-4, 6-0, 6-0 set scores.

“Luca was in an absolute zone today,” coach Jarrod Bradley said. “His shots had laser-like focus and he played smart yet aggressive tennis from the beginning of each point. TJ played some of the most consistent baseline play yet this year and remained calm under pressure.”

San Marcos 10

Petar Jivkov 3-0
Luca Ferrari 3-0
Thumanoon Jenarewong 1-0
Mathis McComb 0-1
Zach Bordofsky 0-1

Jack Haley-Ramin Parvinjah 1-2
Owen Lincoln-Oliver Piltch 1-2
Travis Smelley-Jake Wheelock 1-2

San Luis Obispo 8

Mason Hanson 1-2
Nick Johnson 1-2
Brooks Rossi 0-3

Josh Milla-Scott Hicks 3-0
Luke Iunker-Noah Cleeve 3-0
Brendan Lippold-Cole Stephanson 0-3