Ten: Singles players lead the way for San Marcos


San Marcos’ three singles players lost only six games to lead the Royals tennis team to an 18-0 win over Oxnard on Tuesday.

No. 3 singles player Thummanoon Jenarewong swept for the first in his second start on the varsity. His set scores were 6-3, 6-0, 6-0.

“TJ served well and was consistent from the baseline, picking his opportunities to come to the net and hit winners,” said coach Jarrod Bradley.

Petar Jivkov and Luca Ferrari also were impressive.

“Oxnard’s Trent Lopez is an experienced tournament-tested player and I was impressed with the patience that Petar, Luca and TJ showed. We made very few mistakes in singles today.”

The Royals next face Camarillo on Thursday in their first home match of the season.


San Marcos 18
Petar Jivkov 3-0
Luca Ferrari 3-0
Thummanoon Jenarewong 3-0

Travis Smelley-Jake Wheelock 2-0
Zach Bordofsky-Mathis McComb 1-0
Owen Lincoln-Oliver Piltch 3-0
Jack Haley-Ramin Parvin 3-0

Oxnard 0
Trent Lopez 0-3
Andrew Manolo 0-3
Andrew Landeros 0-3

Dalton Willey-Joe Perez 0-3
Ryan Lee-Nick Behrens 0-3
Drew Sveiven-Eric Ferguson 0-3