Community Opinion: Third whistle in the stands

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post was submitted by Nik Stanjevich. We would like to thank Nik for sharing his observations.

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Last night’s volleyball game against Millikan had an assistant in the stands.

Throughout the entire game a fan had a whistle that was blown intentionally every time Millikan had the ball. This action resulted in a confused down referee that made many net and confusing calls. The entire third set was a refereeing fiasco that resulted in a competition young people should never have been associated with. I’m very surprised that the Millikan coaching staff was not allowed to address this and when they attempted to were told to sit down. I’m even more surprised that Barry, who wrote your article never mentions it in his piece and the staff of the high school allowed this to happen. This wasn’t a win for San Marcos, rather a loss for fair competition.