PHOTO GALLERY INTRO: UCLA and UCSB met at Harder Stadium last night in a matchup of two of the strongest NCAA men’s soccer teams on the West Coast. The contest ended in a 1-1 draw.

Find a game recap and video highlights HERE.

The photos in this gallery were taken by Michael Clark.


Ema Boateng

UCSB’s Ema Boateng scored the Gauchos’ lone goal of the night. Here the freshman is grabbed by UCLA’s Grady Howe as he drives towards the Bruins’ goal.

UCSB's Goffin Boyoko vs. UCLA's Chris Cummings

UCSB’s Goffin Boyoko and UCLA’s Chris Cummings go for a header, but Cummings misjudges it, as Boyoko heads the ball towards the Bruins’ goal.

UCLA's Ryan Hollingshead

UCLA’s Ryan Hollingshead heads the ball away from the Bruins’ goal.

UCSB’s Dom Sarle, the Gauchos’ team leader with four assists on the season, directs traffic.

UCSB vs. UCLA men's soccer

UCSB’s Peter McGlynn and Chris Cummings get into a shoving match in front of the Harder Stadium crowd, as Cummings tries to clear the ball from the Bruins’ end of the field.

UCLA’s Ryan Hollingshead steals the ball from Peter McGlynn.