CrossFit Pacific Coast introduces program for prep athletes

Back to school means most students find their way back to the classroom, but some will also be finding their way into the gym.

CrossFit Pacific Coast will be launching a new program designed for high school students beginning on September 10th.

After training water polo and volleyball teams from several different high schools over the last two years, CPC co-owners Traver Boehm and Eric Malzone decided it was time for a full fledged high school program to compliment the myriad of other fitness options they provide for their over one hundred fifty members. The high school program will provide a challenging workout for all levels of athlete, from the elite high school athletes who want to stay in shape during the off season, to those who are just looking for a positive after school activity.

“Getting kids interested in fitness at an early age is very important,” said Traver. “And one of the beauties of CrossFit is that every workout can be scaled for all levels of athleticism and experience. Whether you’re 9 or 90, you can get something out of this”

The workouts will be a fundamentally CrossFit program that specializes in not specializing, providing athletes with an overall fitness experience. Training sessions will include movements designed to increase balance, create a positive attitude towards fitness, and teach the value of safe weight training techniques. Classes will be held Mondays and Wednesdays from 4p-5p and cost $100 per month.


CrossFit Pacific Coast opened their doors with the mission of providing the highest level of coaching and wellness support to their clients, and have been able to accomplish this is by continually adding classes and services that can benefit their members. In addition to CrossFit and Parkour Training, they offer Yoga classes, Foundation Training, Endurance programs, Natural Running and Olympic lifting seminars, a Bridal program, wellness seminars, Team training, and private training. CrossFit Pacific Coast is located at 220 East Cota street In downtown Santa Barbara. As one of the largest CrossFit affiliates on the Central Coast they employ a team of seven CrossFit Certified coaches and train over 150 athletes, including sports programs at Dos Pueblos High school, and Santa Barbara High school.