Nite Moves sees multiple season bests in aquathon

Wednesday’s Nite Moves brought a wave of fast-paced competition as the top four finishers of the Aquathon set the four-fastest times of the season to date.

Winner Dillon Nobbs finished with a time of 33 minutes and 44 seconds. After finishing first in the swim with a time of 14:31 and first in the run at 19:14, Nobbs was able to break the season’s previous best time of 37:00 set by Steven Hunt on May 16.

Hunt was also in the mix on Wednesday, bettering his season best from 37:00 to 36:15, which put him in fourth place.


Tristan Bunch finished second at 34:11 with Neilson Powless finishing ?third with a time of 35:50. Nobbs, Bunch and Powless were able to sweep the top three times of the Aquathon along with gaining the top three places for the men’s 15-19 age group.

Lindsay Covington was the first woman to finish at 41:01, placing her time in the women’s top five best times of the season.

San Diego competitor Pete Hess, won the 5k run in a time of 16:33. Jess Oswalt and Tyler Hansen took second and third with times of 17:09 and 17:15.

The first place female for the 5k was Erica Bjorndahl who finished with a time of 19:44.

Ryan Reed and Chuckie Roth were able to finish second and third in the swim just three seconds apart with times of 14:44 and 14:47.

Adrienne Binder was the first woman to finish the swim, finishing a second behind Roth with a time of 14:48.