Wasjutin’s winning 5k run is third-best of season

Fifteen-year-old Christian Wasjutin became the youngest competitor of the year to win the 5k run at Nite Moves, doing so with a time of 16 minutes and 47 seconds on a warm Wednesday evening.

Wasjutin, from Santa Barbara, beat out 16-year-old Dray Carson. Michael Smith, 48, finished in third place. Wasjutin’s time was the third-best overall in six weeks of Nite Moves.

Erin Campbell won the women’s race in 20:10.

Walker Bell won his fourth 1k ocean swim of the season. Bell easily beat out second-place finisher Alex Valente with a time of 13:26.

With 147 swimmers, it was the busiest race of the Nite Moves season.


Steven Hunt captured the aquathon in 37:29. Hunt was seventh overall in the 1k swim and followed that up with a time of 22:32 in the 5k run.