Teen machine powers Nite Moves

Seven of the top 10 runners at Wednesday’s Nite Moves were of the teenage variety, including men’s winner Bryan Fernandez and women’s winner Addi Zerrenner.

Fernandez, 17, clocked the second-fastest time of the whole Nite Moves season in the 5k run at 15 minutes and 56 seconds. Zerrenner finished ninth overall with a time of 19:30.

The Montecito Jazz Project entertained at Leadbetter Beach on Wednesday. (Randy Weiss Photo)

The first six runners were all 20-or-under and the top three females were also all 20-and-under.


The youth movement was also seen in the 1k ocean swim as the top five competitors had an average age of under 15. Walker Bell, 15, won the ocean swim in 13:45. Alex Valente, 15, was second in 13:53.

Hayley Edgar, 13, finished fifth overall and first overall for women.

For those who chose to combine the running and swimming events, Barrett Cordero won his first Nite Moves aquathon of the season in 37:10.

Kim Hargrave won the women’s aquathon with a time of 44:08.

The teenagers weren’t nearly as strong in the aquathon, as 14-year-old Olivia Smith was the top teen in 26th.

A reminder that there is no Nite Moves next week as Wednesday is the 4th of July. Nite Moves returns on Wednesday, July 11.


  1. First four finishers were all Dos Pueblos High School Cross Country runners, and five of their other top guys did’nt even run!!    This team will be in the “running” for a CIF championship next year. 

  2. Mean Machine would be a nice name for this duo of saxophonists.  Go MJP!!