Nite Moves knocks out eighth week

The eighth week of Nite Moves brought more sunny skies and a surging high tide for the swimmers on Wednesday in Santa Barbara.

Dray Carson

Dray Carson, 16, finished second overall out of 253 runners with a time of 17:00.

Mike Shalhoub and Janine Tuttle were winners in the weekly 5k race, while Alex Valente and Adrienne Binder captured the 1k ocean swim.

In the combined aquathon, it was Leroy Thomas and Kristina Hill setting the winning pace.


Shalhoub’s 5k run in 16:40 was the second fastest time of the season. The high tide and swell made it difficult for the swimmers, stifling any season-bests in the ocean swim or aquathon.

The ocean swim attracted 152 participants, a season high.

Dray Carson, 16, held off Tyler Hansen for second place in the 5k run.