Nathanson, Murray reach Frontier League final

Carpintera’s Justin Nathanson and Ben Murray reached the finals of the Frontier League Individual Tournament at Carpinteria High on Tuesday, which automatically qualifies them for the CIF Sectionals.

Michael Frank of St. Bonaventure and Evan Edwards from Nordhoff will face off in the singles final.

Tim Goulag and Greg Norton will play in the third place game against teammates Jonathon Cleek and Collin Nathanson and the winning team will be the alternate for CIF.

The finals and consolation matches will be played on Thursday at Carpinteria.


Round of 16:

Sean Welty (Carpinteria) beat Jacob Zamudio (Nordhoff) 8-4
David Harms (Carpinteria) beat Colin Culbert (Nordhoff) 8-5
Nick Parvex (St. Bonaventure) beat Cole Menegon (Carpinteria)  8-3

Michael Frank (St. Bonaventure) beat Sean Welt (Carpinteria) 6-0  6-0
Nico Berichoa (Santa Clara) beat David Harms (Carpinteria) 6-0  6-0

Round of 16:

Justin Nathanson/Ben Murray (Carpinteria) beat Walker/Frager (St. Bonaventure) 8-1

Tim Goulart/Greg Norton (Carpinteria) beat Jordan Boehm/Nick Perkins (Nordhoff)  6-1  6-3
Jonathon Cleek/Collin Nathanson (Carpinteria) beat Medina/Cook (St. Bonaventure) 6-2  4-6  (10-3)
Justin Nathanson/Ben Murray (Carpinteria) beat Luke Mckenzie/Leo Albea (Santa Clara) 6-1  6-3

Sam Cortez/Thomas Jeffares (Nordhoff) beat Tim Goulart/Greg Norton (Carpinteria) 7-5  6-2
Justin Nathanson/Ben Murray (Carpinteria) beat Jonathon Cleek/Collin Nathanson  7-5  7-5

Thursday at 3:00: 
Singles Final-–Michal Frank (St. Bonaventure) vs  Evan Edwards (Nordhoff)
Third Place–Edgar Dungo (Santa Clara)  vs  Nico Berichoa (Santa Clara)

Doubles Final–Justin Nathanson/Ben Murray (Carpinteria) vs Sam Cortez/Thomas Jeffares (Nordhoff)
Third Place–Tim Goulart/Greg Norton (Carpinteria) vs Jonathon Cleek/Collin Nathanson (Carpinteria)