PHOTO GALLERY: Santa Barbara Grunions Rugby

PHOTO GALLERY INTRO: The Santa Barbara Grunion Rugby Club played their last match of their 2012 15s regular season on Saturday in San Diego, falling to the North County Ghurkas.

The Grunion won their previous match in their final game at Elings Park, a 35-14 victory over Riverside.

Santa Barbara finishes its season with a 2-6-1 record in the Southern California Rugby Football Union while just missing the postseason. Santa Barbara moved up this season to play in the men’s second division.

Here is a collection of photos from their last home match at Elings Park.

Santa Barbara Grunions

Mitch Perley evades two defenders on his way to the try zone. (Presidio Sports Photos)

Santa Barbara Grunions

Sammy Davis attempts to slip through a crease in the defense as a teammate absorbs a would-be tackler.

The Grunions’ man of the match David Backens reaches to deflect a kick. Erith Catlett was Merman for San Diego game.

Santa Barbara Grunions

Scrum-half Aaron Melamed makes a pass out from under the scrum

Santa Barbara’s Ross Silverman races to touch a loose ball down in the try zone.

Sammy Davis and Wren Wise close in to make the tackle on Riverside’s scrum-half

Longtime No. 4 lock Jon Bell lets go of a pass for the Grunion.

A Riverside player (white shirt) watches a backwards pass of his find its target as he gets pulled down.

Santa Barbara Grunions

Erith Catlett and Billy Thompson combine to make a perfect rugby tackle