Chardonnay wins go to Smith, Maclaurin

The Santa Barbara Chardonnay 10-miler and 5k  saw close to 800 finishers this Saturday after an 8 a.m. start at Leadbetter Beach.

Local runners Jason Smith, in the 10-miler, and Angus Maclaurin, in the 5k, averaged 6 minute miles to win each event with times of 1:00:02 and 18:37 respectively. For the women, Jill Himlan averaged a 6:31 mile pace to cross the 10-miler finish line first in 11th place overall, while Kimberly Hazard took first in the 5k averaging a 6:46 mile pace to take fifth overall.


For the 10-miler, David Jorgenson from Woodbury, Minn. took 2nd and Christopher Barry from Chicago took 3rd to beat out the other runners.

Eleven-year-old Joshua McGregor also gave a standout performance in the 5k, finishing 3rd overall with a time of 20:17. Twelve-year-old Ryan Hullander and thirteen-year-old Natalie Widmer finished top-ten as well.