UCSB hosting free girls lacrosse clinic for beginners on Friday

The UCSB women’s lacrosse program and the Santa Barbara Lacrosse Association (SBLA) are offering a free youth girls lacrosse try-it clinic on Friday, March 30th.

The session is 4:00 to 5:30pm in the north endzone of UCSB Harder Stadium and is for girls ages 8 and up. Sticks will be provided for anyone who needs one.

Fathers, mothers and daughters are invited to come together to learn about girl’s lacrosse and how it is much, much different than boy’s lacrosse.

Following the free clinic UCSB takes on University of San Diego at 6:00pm. Admission for both the clinic and the game is free of charge.

Girls lacrosse is a non-contact sport with less contact than girl’s soccer. There is no body checking or hitting in girls lacrosse. Boys lacrosse is a contact sport more like ice hockey and body checking and hitting is part of that game. According to UCSB head coach Paul Ramsey there seems to be a misperception here in Santa Barbara regarding girl’s lacrosse being like boy’s lacrosse. The idea is the free try-it session and the college game that follows will educate parents more about the sport of girl’s lacrosse.

“It’s not boys lacrosse and it’s not what you see on TV for mens lacrosse,” says Ramsey.

“It is something that girls all over the country enjoy and come to love as a full field fast fun game to play.”