SBCC rolls out new athletics logo

SBCC logo

Santa Barbara City College’s new logo for its sports teams.

Santa Barbara City College has unveiled a new logo that the Athletic Department will be using immediately.

It features a Vaquero – its face covered by a bandana and topped with a Cowboy Hat – holding the reins of a black horse. A black, red, white and grey oval shield that reads “SBCC” stands in front of the horse.

“It was a really collaborative process and the entire campus is really buzzing about the new look,” said SBCC Athletic Director Ryan Byrne.

The first-year Vaquero AD values the importance of a strong logo and worked with the marketing department and athletic staff to develop the new look.

“I really wanted to find something that the entire department felt like they could rally behind,” he explained in an email to Presidio Sports.

“It may seem trivial, but having a unifying image is very important in establishing a cohesive and unified group and I think our staff and faculty really nailed it with this new graphic identity.”

The Athletic Department had been using the school logo before creating its own that incorporated the Vaquero mascot. The school logo is a block shape with the letters “SB” on the top line and the letters “CC” right beneath.

The Vaqueros have athletic programs for football, baseball, basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, cross country, track & field, golf, women’s tennis, and women’s swimming.