LPL joining Channel League in football playoff grouping

The Los Padres League, which includes back-to-back CIF Northwest Division champion Lompoc, will move into the Western Division for football, joining the Channel League, in the proposed 2012-14 playoff grouping cycle announced by the CIF-Southern Section on Friday.

Local Channel League schools Santa Barbara, San Marcos and Dos Pueblos routinely play Lompoc in the non-league season. It will be interesting to see if they continue scheduling the Braves now that they’re a potential postseason foe.


The Tri-Valley League (Carpinteria) remains in the Northwest Division and the Frontier League (Bishop Diego) stays in the East Valley Division. The Pac 7 is switching from the Western to the Northern Division. Arroyo Grande won the 2011 Western Division title.

The biggest proposed shakeup is the Marmonte League moving from the Northern Division to the Pac 5, the top football division in the Southern Section.

In other sports, the Tri-Valley League is being elevated from Division 5 to Division 4 in boys soccer and the Condor League is going from Division 7 to Division 6. Cate has won back-to-back Division 7 titles.

The Channel League is dropping to Division 2 in boys water polo and boys volleyball.

Leagues have until March 23 to appeal their playoff placements.

Here is sport-by-sport rundown of the proposed playoff groupings for the local leagues.

Football—Western Division: Channel League, Los Padres League. Northwest Division: Tri-Valley League. East Valley Division: Frontier League. Northern Division: Pac 7.

Baseball—Channel League, Division 2; Tri-Valley, D4; Los Padres, D5; Frontier, D6; Condor in D7.

Boys Soccer—Channel, D1; Los Padres D3; Tri-Valley, D4; Pac 7 in D5; Condor, D6; Frontier, D7.

Girls Soccer—Channel, D2; Pac 7, Tri-Valley, D3; Los Padres,D5; Frontier, D6; Condor, D7.

Softball—Channel, D4; Frontier, D6; Los Padres, D5; Pac 7, D3.

Swimming—Channel, D1; Los Padres, Tri-Valley in D3; Frontier, D4.

Boys Tennis—Channel, D1; Pac 7, TVL in D3; Los Padres, Condor, Frontier in D4

Girls Tennis—Channel, D1; Pac 7, Tri-Valley, D3; Los Padres, Condor in D4; Frontier, D5.

Boys Volleyball—Channel, Pac 7, Tri-Valley, D2; Condor, D5;

Girls Volleyball—Channel, 1AA; Pac 7, 2AA; Los Padres, 3A; Frontier, 4AA; Condor, 4A.

Boys Water Polo—Channel, D2; Pac 7, D4; Tri-Valley, Los Padres in D6.

Girls Water Polo—Channel, D1; Pac 7, D3; Los Padres, D5; Tri-Valley, D6.

Wrestling—Channel, D4; Los Padres, D5; Tri-Valley, D6.