Local experts favor the Giants to win Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the biggest football game on the planet. Even if you’re not a fan of the New York Giants, New England Patriots, or football, the spectacle of it — and the TV commercials — draws people to watch.

When I worked at the newspaper, we’d get calls throughout the year asking for the date of the Super Bowl. People plan their day around it; they throw parties or cram into watering holes to watch the game. And, billions of dollars will be wagered on the game.

To help you break down the game on Super Sunday, Presidio Sports asked some of the best football minds in town: our football coaches.

Here is how they see the game unfolding:

Tom Crawford, Bishop Diego football coach: Tough call on the Super Bowl isn’t it?  Two well coached evenly matched teams.  Although my heart tells me to vote for the Patriots (gotta love a team with 18 undrafted free agents), I think this one goes to the NY Giants … for a couple of reasons.  First, they are healthier going into the game and, despite the two week prep time, I saw a ticker that went on and on with names of Patriot players held out of practices this week because of injuries.  Depth has to be impacted by all that and if Welker and the TEs are banged up, that’s a lot of pressure on Brady.  Second, I think the Giants are the more physical team right now in terms of both defense and running the ball and that not only takes some pressure off them offensively but allows balance and ball possession (and Manning is pretty hot right now). Giants 27, Patriots 24  (won’t be crying if the Patriots win, though).

Ben Hallock, Carpinteria football coach: I don’t really care who wins, but I am rooting for New York. I like the way they play defense, I like the running backs, I like Eli Manning and I think his connection with Cruz and Nicks is the best in the NFL through the end of the season.  I think the game will be close, the difference being a turnover for a score, a big offense play (plus-50 yards) that scores, big play in the kicking game that either scores or leads directly to a score, or a fourth-down stop especially at the goal line.  That said, I would not bet against Tom Brady nor his coach. I think it will be a fun game. Giants 27, Patriots 24.

Ralph Molina, Bishop Diego assistant: The Giants strong defense, will pressure Brady. They hide their coverages, mix up man and zone coverages. Plus they are on a roll, playing good football at the right time. Giants 27, Patriots 17

Mike Moropoulos, SBCC head football coach: I am going with New York. I am a big fan of their athletic “D” Line and what they can do to disrupt the rhythm of a QB (even Tom Brady). I also really like their receivers. Not a big fan of Eli, but his tenacity and big game “production” is starting to grow on me. Giants 28, Patriots 24.

Jaime Melgoza, Santa Barbara High football coach: The Giants win with their defense. They create turnovers. Giants 24, Patriots 17

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