Dane Reynolds beats out Bobby for Rincon title

Dane Reynolds, pictured here mid-flight, beat out Bobby Martinez for this year's Pro Division title at the Rincon Classic. (Photos Courtesy of SantaBarbaraSurfer.com)

Bobby Martinez, pictured, and Reynolds quit the World Championship Tour in 2011.

Former WCT surfers Dane Reynolds and Bobby Martinez squared off in the Pro Division final of the Rincon Classic this weekend, along with Parker Coffin and Peter Mussio.

Complete results are below.

Reynolds came away with the victory, besting Martinez to capture his first Pro Division title at Santa Barbara’s largest surfing competition of the year.

Reynolds posted a two-wave score of 18.17 to edge Martinez’s total of 17.80.

Other notable performances include another victory in the women’s division for Goleta’s Demi Boelsterli. It was her eighth in a row at the Rincon Classic.

To watch some video highlights from the weekend’s competition, CLICK HERE

For more photos, check out SantaBarbaraSurfer.com.

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1. Dane Reynolds
2. Bobby Martinez
3. Pete Mussio
4. Parker Coffin


1. Demi Boelsterli
2. Aubrey Falk Luyendyk
3. Michelle Perry
4. Meghan Frontino
5. Lisa Wynn Luna
6. Olivia Siemens


1. Nate Winkles
2. Justin Paul
3. Dennis Rizzo
4. Gabe Venturelli
5. Sean Lesh
6. Tiago Portes


1. Vince Perry
2. Gabe Venturelli
3. Greg Venable
4. Kas Alves
5. Max Cail
6. Jason Smith

Grand Masters

1. Brett Jordan
2. Tony de Groot
3. Tony Luna
4. Chuck Graham
5. James McClintock
6. Dave Johnson


1. Don Campbell
2. Kit Boise Cossart
3. Dave Johnson
4. Danny Bralver
5. Andy Neuman
6. Frank Morales


1. Robert Curtis
2. JP Garcia
3. Evan Trauntvein
4. Danny Bralver
5. Brad Frohling
6. Dave Johnson


1. Jesse Ransone
2. Abby Browne
3. Zoe Luna
4. Alanna Moore
5. Olivia Siemens


1. Eithan Osborne
2. Tommy McKeown
3. Jake Quittner
4. Ryder Alves
5. Zane Booth
6. Alden Capps


1. Mickey Clarke
2. Jason Knell
3. Decker McAllister
4. Henry Hepp
5. Peter Healey


1. Charlie Fawcett
2. Decker McAllister
3. Christopher Imperato
4. Dryden Brown
5. Frank Curren
6. Beau Clark

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