YOU BE THE JUDGE: Two charging calls affect UNLV-UCSB outcome

The referees whistled James Nunnally for two charging fouls at critical points in Wednesday’s UNLV-UCSB thriller in the Thunderdome. The second call sent Nunnally to the bench in the second overtime with five fouls. At that point, there was 3:56 remaining in the second overtime and UCSB trailing 85-84.

Nunnally had almost given UCSB the victory in the first overtime by scoring six points, and was definitely playing his best basketball of the night late in the game.

Presidio Sports captured both plays on video. So you be the judge by voting below. Was the first one a charge? The second? Neither?  You make the call!!

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  1. The first one was a little harder to tell, but it looked like the right call.  The second call was definitely correct.

  2. It seemed like in the second one that Nunnally just grazed the defender and he flopped. 

  3. Both calls – total bullshit. I was sitting 20 feet away. The referees robbed the Gauchos of a righteous vistory. The fix was in… we’re talking Las Vegas here, folks.

  4. both calls are correct ucsb stop crying

    • Is this based on your extensive experience as a referee, Artie? Because I’ve had a couple different non-armchair refs take a look and they think the first one should have been a no-call and the second was definitely questionable. But then again, why should I respond intelligently to someone who appears to have a second-grade level of reading comprehension?