Get local sports schedules on your mobile phone

Ever curious about a local sports score and wish you were able to find it easily on your mobile phone? What about finding today’s local game schedule? Or perhaps you want to know which day next week the big rivalry game is on? Is it home or away? What time is it at?

The answers to these questions and more can be at your fingertips with Presidio Sports’ new scheduling App for mobile devices that provides local sports schedules and results.

Developed locally by dataPreneuer, now you can always know who’s playing and how they’re doing. Easily sort out the stuff you don’t want and  save your most common searches to get your data even faster.

Still in its beta phase, we want you to start using it this winter and tell us what you think. To get the App on your phone for free, use your phone’s web browser and visit

Once you’ve accessed it, simply save the bookmark to your phone’s desktop and a Presidio Sports icon will appear. Any questions, support help, or feedback can be submitted using our contact form on

Thank You!

John Dvorak
Publisher – Presidio Sports