Lakey’s Lines: In Hawaii with Smith Optics

Hello everyone!!!

Well I must say that it was SO nice to be home for a little while, just to take a break from everything and hang out with friends and family.

Smith Optics

Lakey Peterson has a new eyewear sponsor: Smith Optics, based out of Sun Valley, Idaho

However, now I’m in Hawaii (not too shabby). I am doing a photo shoot for Smith Optics. I just signed with them, and they are so awesome! I am super stoked to be apart of the company.

The waves have been pretty small thus far but it looks like this weekend we should get some good waves!

I am only doing this photo shoot for another day or so and then I am going to be working with Double D (Derrick Donner). He is a legend in big wave surfing. He is really good friends with Laird Hamilton.

So I’m going to be working with him on some bigger wave stuff, so it will be exciting!!!

Anyways, I’m looking forward to getting back home and having a great time this holiday season hanging with family.

Lakey xoxo