Lakey’s Lines: Portugal, Spain, and More!!

Lakey above the contest site in Spain.

Well Hello everyone! Hope Ya’ll are doing great!!

At the moment, I’m on my 40th plane flight of 2011!

Haha – yes, I have kept track of them all in my phone. It’s pretty crazy to go back and look at all of the places I have gone to this year. I’m on my way from Spain to Portugal’s Azores Islands. The Azores are these beautiful islands off the coast of Portugal. I have never been there before, but I have heard great things!

I am going to Azores for the last QS (qualifying series) of the season. Right now I am in 2nd place to qualify for the world tour, so I am pretty much guaranteed a spot on the world tour of the top 16 women surfers next year!

This has been a dream of mine for a long time to make the tour, so it’s crazy to see it finally come true. All that hard work has paid off. But This is just the first of MANY goals of mine. :)

After Azores, I am going right to Bali for the ASP World Juniors. This is probably going to be my last year doing World Jrs., so I’m going to give it everything I got! World Juniors is basically where every country takes the top 3 under-21 surfers to compete for their country. There are three events to decide who is World Junior champ. First stop Bali, Brazil, then Australia, and the person with the most points at the end of the three events is crowned  champion!

I am really excited about the next month or so, all of the memories, good times, and laughs are going to be a time I will never forget. I am not going to be home for a while but once I do get home, it’s going to be the holiday season so I will get to see my whole family!

But for now, I am going to enjoy my last 13 days of being 16!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I’m going to NYC for my birthday! It’s gonna be epic!!!

Lakey P.


  1. John Tavares says

    when you get to the Azores, and specifically the island of Sao Miguel, check out the surf in Populo and Ribeira Grande.  I don’t surf but just returned from there this week and saw surfers on both of those beaches.  People there very friendly and helpful. Enjoy!