Lakey’s Lines: Thoughts and prayers for Japan

Hello everyone!

Wow, so as some of you might have read, my last blog was about the amazing place of New Zealand and the earthquake in Christchurch.

Well, after all of the terrible things that have been happening in Japan, I felt the need to write about Japan as well.

I personally have not been to Japan. Well… not technically anyway. I have had layovers in the airport there… does that count? I have always wanted to explore around Japan, however. I hear it is a beautiful place. I did get the chance to meet some surfers from there and they are such sweet people.

When I woke up the morning of March 11th, I was completely oblivious of what was going on. Until I signed onto Twitter and Facebook. When I saw how bad they had been hit, I felt so helpless. I wanted to help in some way. Here are a few sites that you could help them out as well:

Red Cross
Save the Children

So I encourage you guys to help Japan in any way you can. The best we can do is pray I think. I pray for those people and know that everything happens for a reason. However, all this happening did show me that anything can happen at any moment. So that being said, I’m going to live life to the fullest and do the best I can so I have no regrets.

Hope y’all enjoyed this blog. I just felt like writing about Japan because I feel like if I was in their position I would want to know someone was thinking of me and my country. So I hope this helps at least a little. ;)

If you’ve helped out the relief cause in any way, it’d be cool to hear your stories. Feel free to comment below or mention me on Twitter!

Lakey P.

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